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Site Of the Moment:
SOUTH CAROLINA: Country Class Kennels

Field Champions,dogs & puppy pictures and pedigrees.

Rank Site In Out
True Chek Hunting Beagles
0 12

Located in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Eastern TN. We are now stocking our kennel with line bred Buckshot Jones bloodlines to infuse to our proven Little Man Bloodline.
WEST VIRGINIA: Ruff-N-It Kennels
0 12

My name is Roger Ooten and I am from the great state of West Virginia. The Core of our kennel is based on the cross of FC Dingus Macrae X New City Perkin Panda.
FORUM: The SPO Board
0 11

The SPO Board....owned and operated by an SPO’er. Field trials and more...
MISSOURI: Cane Cutter Kennels
0 11

Located 30min South St. Louis Missouri.
Hard hunting dogs that put rabbits on the dinner table. AKC registered!! Bloodlines derive from Buzz Bomb-Junction Hill Skip, Buckshot Jones and Choptalk!!

Straigh Up The Middle
9 10

Rabbit Dog Forum...... We are about Beagles any kind any style. Come and participate in our monthly Hound Of The Month Competition
INDIANA: Hilltop Kennels
0 10

Home of IFC Greenbay Shooter: We have Sand County Penny, Ranger Dan, Haunted Hills Shaker, Lake Ogenaw Casey, Johnny Paycheck and Striker bloodlines.
FORUM: Sraight Up The Middle
0 10

Beagle Forum for Hunters & Beaglers
TENNESSEE: River Bottom Hunting Beagles
0 10

AKC Hunting Beagles Located in Birchwood, TN. Our hounds: Dingus Macrae, Yellow Creek, Indian Hills and Gay Baker, the % of each of these lines within any particular cross predicts their style, speed and size. All have the hunt, nose and brains we desire.
KENTUCKY: Cummins' Kennels
0 9

Cummins' Kennels is the home of hustling, agressive, well-bred hounds both tri-color and bluetick.
Deep South Rabbit Hunters Forum
0 9

Rabbit hunting forum site
all are welcome
stop by and check us out
MISSOURI: Owl Creek Kennel
0 9

Home of the Missouri Outlaw "Hunting" Beagles - Our Line Derives Mainly From The Dingus Macrae and Yellow Creek with a pinch of Gay and Indian Hill Major . Our foundation is from Laneline Beagles, it includes Alamo Creek, HappyRun and Old Shake Rag.
TENNESSEE: Loudon Ridge Patch Beagles
0 9

Loudon Ridge Patch Beagles , 100% Pure patch hounds with run to catch desire , all day everyday,brains,hunt,foot and conformation
KENTUCKY: Prices Beaver Bottom Beagles
0 9

beagle site try to produce the best hunting beagles around
LOUISIANA: Givs's High Caliber Beagles
0 8

We are a small Christian family operated kennel located in southern Louisiana.We are breeding top pedigreed proven bloodlines best of the best.They included,Green bay,Bramlett,Branko,Brent's Primetime,Greenwell's Reggie.
INDIANA: Born Again Kennels
0 8

Born Again Kennels raise and run a TRUE run to catch hound with brains!! Running the great blood of IFC Maravic's Blue Ninja, 2x NLPC Maravic's Bluebarry, NLPC IFC Mark V's Ace In The Hole, FC Turbo Powered By Prop and other greats!!
Kentucky: Kills Creek Beagles
0 8

Welcome to our site we are from the mountains of south east Kentucky we promote a medium speed line control gun dog that can run a rabbit under any condition and has the brains and nose to do so
Thanks for checking out our page
CLUB: Northern Michigan Hare Association
0 8

Beagling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northern Michigan and Northern Wisconsin

AKC Large Pack & Small Pack Option on Hare/Rabbit
MISSOURI: Bustin Briars Black Creek Beagles
0 8

We breed and Train BlackCreek Beagles for Extreme Hunt and stamina, dogs that can keep the race going no matter what and consistantly bring the rabbit back to the gun and food on the table!
MISSOURI: Track Em Down Kennels
0 8

ALABAMA: Leonard's Run 'Em Down Kennels
0 8

My name is Rinard Leonard and I'm located in Titus, AL. My dogs are hard-hunting,smart,
disciplined and run with the intent to catch. My bloodlines consist of Branko,JD,Tadpole,Bramlett,Patch and Weir Creek
SOUTH CAROLINA: Kameron's Rabbit Hunting Kennel
0 8

Our dogs are medium to fast, with good hunt, stamina, check work, and line control. We like them quite in the pen, and on fire in the field. Nothing can be finer in the state of South Carolina than a beagle from Kameron's!
NORTH CAROLINA: Blue Ridge Mtn Kennels
0 7

Our kennels are in Western NC. We raise AKC/UKC registered beagles. We have Branko, Primetime, Northway, and Buddy's Iron Eagle bloodlines. Our dogs are bred for line control, speed, and the brains to put it all together for trial or gun.
Leading Creek Kennels
0 7

West Virginia: Located in Glenville, WV we hunt and breed Redticks and Blueticks.
NORTH CAROLINA: Sand Ridge Beagles
0 7

SAND RIDGE BEAGLES prides itself on having good quality hunting and field trial beagles. Were a small kennel here in eastern North Carolina that produces a rabbit dog that hunts, jumps, and can carry the line directly to the gun!
MISSISSIPPI: Goff's Temple-Hill Beagles
0 7

Our goal as a kennel is to have the hardest hunting, medium speed, line control, rabbit chasing machine, as possible. We have mainly Weir Creek, Gay, and Blackcreek bloodlines that go back to Field Champions in each Line.
PENNSYLVANIA: Big Meadows Beagles
0 7

We raise fast, honest hunting dogs that will win competitions and put meat on the table.
WEST VIRGINIA: Eisenhut Dog Supplies
0 7

Eisenhunt Dog Collars, Leads, Couplers, Name Tags, Shock Collars, Tracking Collars, Owens Dog Boxes and Dan's Hunting Clothes. AKC and NKC Hunting Beagles breeding is mostly Dingus MacRae.
CONNECTICUT: Ramos & Sons Kennels
1 7

AKC Registered Beagles :Puppies for Sale MAY 2015:

Current Bloodline:
Female: Choptalk Joni Baloney
S:FC Choptalk Little Cooter D:FC Choptalk Poohbear
KENTUCKY: Piney Creek Beagles
0 7

We breed and raise AKC dogs for hunting and trialing. Our bloodline is mostly FC Cocoa Bear back to Piney Creek Bear
MAINE: Babbitt's Beagles
0 7

A little about Babbitt's Beagles. My wife and I have a small kennel in Southern Maine. We like to keep our Kennel limited to about six to ten Beagles. We Field Trial our hounds along with hunting them. Here in Maine we mostly hunt snowshoe hare.
VIRGINIA: Sunset Red Beagles
0 7

We raise Hard Huntin Chocolate redticks.Smash mouth running that will bring the rabbit back to the gun.
TENNESSEE: Salzer Mtn Beagles
0 6

Salzer Mtn Black & Tan Beagles
CLUB: Eastern Kansas Beagle Club
0 6

Kansas, ARHA Gundog Beagle Club
FORUM: Houndsmen of Missouri
0 6

Links to hound clubs, hound kennels, & hound supplies, of Missouri.
CANADA: The Hunted Hare
0 6

Welcome, this is a discussion forum dedicated to the hunt and pursuit of the snowshoe hare and the hounds, hunters and breeders devoted to this endeavor. The HUNTED HARE is uninterested in trials or titles, just the "average joes" and their dogs.
GEORGIA: Silver Hill Kennels
1 6

We Raise Gun Dogs For Hunting and Field Trials. Using the Bloodlines of Del Ray Stubby. We are located in Summerville Ga. Jim & Misty Colbert
WEST VIRGINIA: Sextons Beagles
0 6

Check out our photo gallery, we have a 3 Acre starting pen to train you beagles right. ADD 6 NEW VIDEO'S OF ME TRAINING PUP IN THE PEN.
ARKANSAS: Watkins Beagles
0 6

Watkins Ranch has been raising quality "rabbit hunting" dogs for over 7 years. We breed only to improve the beagle breed. We concentrate on the
Blackcreek and Boggy Holler bloodlines.
KENTUCKY: Poorboy Kennels
0 6

We mostly have 13 inch beagles and blueticks. Great hunting dogs.
SOUTH CAROLINA: Rabbit Hunting Beagles
0 6

We raise, breed and sell AKC field trial quality rabbit hunting beagles. We are located in the upstate of South Carolina, about 25 minutes from the Georgia state line and and under and hour from the North Carolina line.
GEORGIA: Woodstation Beagles
0 6

Woodstation Beagles is the home of the Line Bred Gay Baker Beagles. We also breed and raise Gayhound/Dingus Mcrae cross. We breed for the "Excellent Rabbit Dog" with Brains, confirmation, Good Mouths, close line work and a good speed.
0 6

BAD BOYZ KENNEL is located in Clarkton NC. My breed is Red Turbo By Prop Beagles.
WEST VIRGINIA: Perry's Beagles
0 6

AKC Hunting Bloodlines that derive from Mt. Zion Pete, with great emphasis on Dingus Macrae. Gundogs with extreme hunt.
MARYLAND: Cole's Beagles
0 6

At Cole's Beagles we trial in UKC and AKC formats. Most of our hounds come from strong Awful Bawlin blood lines. We are proud to offer (FTCH) Snow's the Whole Shabang At Stud.

MISSISSIPPI: Briar Buster Kennels
0 6

Located in North Mississippi, we breed and train outstanding AKC Registered beagles for hunting and field trials. Bloodlines include FC In-Line Black Jack, HOF FC Postoak Little Nip Otis, FC Farler's K Buck, FC Nance's Bo Knows Rabbit, etc.
NEW HAMPSHIRE: Miller Outdoors
0 6

Providing a unique and enjoyable experience ...in the beautiful New Hampshire outdoors.

Tuskomita Swamp Kennel
0 6

Located in Central Mississippi - we are a small kennel breeding and raising medium to fast run to catch AKC registered rabbit dogs with extreme hunt, jump ability and line control with brains enough to gear down as needed.
MARYLAND: Tikiline Beagles
0 5

Quality Field Training & Hounds to Meet All Needs
Since 1953
MISSOURI: May's Beagles
0 5

Our bloodlines are mainly Northway, Turbo, Branko, Superior Patch, and Pine Mt. Starting Pen on the way soon!
ALABAMA: A&A Beagle Kennels
0 5

We are a small kennel located in Talladega,Al we breed for the complete hound our hounds have a strong mix of Turbo & Northway bloodlines and other International & Frield Champion Greats our hounds are breed for line control,foot speed,brains.
NY Rabbit Hounds & Beagles
0 5
A Forum for Beaglers & Hounds People In NY and the Northeast!
Everybody is Welcome!!!
OHIO: Hollarback Kennels
0 5

Our beagles are based on the bloodlines of World Champion's Hurry Up Lady, Hurry Up Percy, Greenwell's Reggie, and Four Wheelin Jeep
NEW YORK: Mountain Valley Beagles
0 5

We breed, raise, and train AKC & UKC registered beagles for rabbit hunting. We are a small family run kennel and we breed for medium to upper medium speed gun dogs with excellent line control, close check work, drive, brains, a big nose, and extreme hunt.
WEST VIRGINIA: Murphy's Music Bottom Beagles
0 5

Beagles bred for little pack field trial - Triple Registered Beagle Pups
TENNESSEE: Toole Pate Levee Beagels
0 5

MISSOURI: Mountain Creek Beagles
0 5

Its just about me and my buddy and our beagles, we are two rednecks from MO and we like to hunt our dogs. We have pictures on there of our dogs and some of them hunting. We have hand made rabbit Roll Cages for sale and also have dogs and pups for sale.
VIRGINIA: Simerly Creek Bluetick Beagles
0 5

Simerly Creek Bluetick Hunting Beagles - Lonnie Turner. Located in Hampton, TN. Check out my site and give me a call, I love to talk rabbit hunting and Beagles.
VIRGINIA: Mtn Way Kennel
0 5

Located in the mountains of southwestern Va., we breed and raise our hounds the Mountain Way! Stop in, give us a look, and tell us what you think
0 5

Akc registered beagles that run to catch!
FORUM: Rabbit Dawg Board
0 5

Hunting Beagle Forum
MISSISSIPPI: Indian Creek Beagles
0 5

Rabbit dogs for the serious rabbit hunter...
TENNESSEE: Dailey's Dixieland Beagles
0 5

We are a small kennel located in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee we run and breed medium to upper medium speed SPO DSBGF/UBGF dogs that have great linecontrol, close check work, drive, and outstanding hunt by the way of Stubby, Otis, and Shorts Pro
Honky Tonk Kennels
0 4
"Home Of Rabbit Runners Huntin' Dawgs"
NEW YORK: A'Z and J'Z Beagles
0 4

We sell 13 inch bluetick beagle puppies. We are a small family breeder not a puppy mill. Our dogs are of good quality they have champion bloodline. We are located in Lisle, New York. You can call us at (607) 743-1397 or visit us at azandjzbeagles.webs.com
NEW YORK: J & K Beagles
0 4

Thank you for looking at J and K beagles. We are located in southern New York State. We run AKC medium++ speed hounds that run to catch. New Videos added!! 5-2-12.
MISSOURI: Missouri Gun Smoke Kennel
0 4

AKC/ARHA Hunting Beagles
PENNSYLVANIA: Huck's Run Beagles
0 4

AKC Hunting and Trial Beagles. Bred for Extreme hunt and snow nose.
0 4

We are a small kennel, located on Long Island, the bloodlines in my kennel are Shorts,Eaton Brook,Kalagha, and Branko. I am love to hunt cottontail
KENTUCKY: Carder's Creation Kennels
0 4

Carders Creation Kennels is a small kennel in Greenville KY. We produce hard hitting, run for the front Rabbit hounds. Are beagles are Ukc and Akc registered. Pups available, 2 outstanding stud hounds available.
GEORGIA: Pudding Creek Beagles
0 4

Home of the redtick and bluetick beagles located in south Georgia. These are Big Creek and Oakhill bloodlines.
TENNESSEE: Panther Creek Beagles
0 4

We are located in Rutherford County, Christiana Tn. We have AKC and grade dogs.NEW PICS 2014/2015
MASSACHUSETTS: Larimore's Beagles
0 4

We breed, raise, and train AKC & UKC registered beagles for hunting rabbits and field trialing.
MISSOURI: Young Gun Beagles
3 4

We are a small kennel located in salem, mo. We carry lines such as Heat em up, Branko, Haunted hill Shaker and Hurry up. We raise GunDogs as well as Field Trial Dogs. Occasionally have pups or dogs for sale.
0 4

We are a combination of Sanders Beagles and GoodPickens Beagles in southeast Missouri. We raise quality rabbit dogs. Our bloodlines include: Mikermas Superdog, old stock Branko, Junie, and Redman. Check out our website for upcoming litters.
MISSOURI: Panther Creek Beagles
0 4

Missouri Brush Busters, Our Hounds bloodlines are Yellow Creek over Dingus Macrae. They have Hard Hunt Brains and a big nose. Which gives them good line control but still can push the rabbit to the gun at a above medium speed with few or short checks.
MISSOURI: Impressive Beagle kennel
0 4

I have put together hounds that are Impressive. These hounds have come from some of the BEST bloodlines and FINEST KENNELS in the country.
MASSACHUSETTS: Hockomock Swamp Beagles
0 4

We offer AKC registered beagles from SPO field trial champion lines of superior personality, and good to excellent AKC conformation for field dogs, that excel as pets companions, hunters or field trial prospects.
INDIANA: Westmorelands Kennel
0 4

We trial ARHA/NKC Little Pack dogs. We gun hunt too and we are out of Northwest Indiana
WEST VIRGINIA: Curfman's Beagles
0 4

We raise Branko beagles and dont run trials we just enjoy it for the hunting but i hope to go to some trials somtime
ARKANSAS: Coaches Beagles
0 4

coaches beagle kennel

we raise AKC gundogs. Clear Creek,
Blackcreek,Indian Hills,K-Buck,Buzzbomb
GEORGIA: Ohoopee River Beagles
0 4

The site tells info about my kennel, my dogs, and my rabbit hunts. We are located in Wrightsville, Georgia. My kennel is made up of some registered and grade dogs. Registered dogs are AKC and ARHA registered.
INDIANA: Rus-neck Beagles
0 4

Striving for hard driving hunting dogs with good nose. A true, fast, clean ARHA little pack hound.
VIRGINIA: Hall Mountain Rabbit Beagles
0 4

Striving for the total package, bluetick style! We are trying to develop a bluetick beagle with a medium nose, very fast foot speed, good line control and good conformation. All of our dogs are AKC/UKC registered and are competed in UKC hunt/show events.
PENNSYLVANIA: Manor Hill Beagles
0 4

Our dogs are hunting dogs as well as field trial dogs. Our bloodlines include Branko's Magnum Force, Branko's Jack of All Trades, Branko's Big Sam, The Elm's Jigs Maggies Mate, Indian Hill Majer, Armando's Northern Tracker & Wingate's Brandon.
VIRGINIA: Millerlake Kennels
0 4

Located in Amelia,Virginia. I love beagles and hunting rabbits with beagles. My goal is to raise and train quality gundogs.
0 4

FORUM: Beagler Brotherhood
0 4

A place where any beagler can come in and talk hounds. Please come on in and talk different bloodlines. Let us know how many dogs you run, how many years you've had beagles, what blood lines you run.

MISSISSIPPI: Hardtimes Kennel
0 4

AKC Beagle Gundogs for field trial and hunting. Bloodlines include: In-Line Black Jack, Otis, Line Controller, Bo Knows Rabbit, Blackcreek..
CLUB: Northern WV Beagle Club
0 4


MISSOURI: Weedpatch Kennels
0 4

100% Gay Baker Beagles. Great line control,great mouths, quick to get checks and great hunting abilities
NEW YORK: Dirty Pond Beagles
0 4

Home of: Int FC Dirty Pond Legacy's Blacky - Contact Andy Papadimitropoulos at: 845-651-1382 - 15" Whelped 04/15/01 - Stud Fee $200. Neg. Brucellosis A Must
GEORGIA: Daddy Rabbit Kennel
0 4

ARHA Hall of Fame Daddy Rabbit, aka Aubrey Holcombe, and the Daddy Rabbit Kennels. Daddy Rabbit Kennel is known all over the USA for producing the hardest hunting, briar busting, run to catch, hall of fame, red beagles.
MISSISSIPPI: Amite River Kennel
0 4

Owned by J.E. & Gay Childers
CLUB: The Midwest Beagle Gundog Association
0 4

Our clubs span across 8 states consisting of: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, & Southern West Virginia.
CLUB: Foothills Beagle Club
0 3

Foothills Beagle Club was formed in 1984 to promote the hunting beagle and to spark interest in the upstate South Carolina area for SPO style field trials. We hold AKC, UBGF, and AGBF field trials.
VIRGINIA: Rhino's Beagles
0 3

New website showing off my dogs and other hunting ventures. Site has recently been renovated with a new look. Recently updated. Check it out. Pictures from recent hare hunt are up.
OKLAHOMA: Okie Dog Supply
0 3

OKIE DOG SUPPLY sells quality hunting products at an affordable price. We raise, train, and compete AKC/NKC beagles, so we know what hunting dogs need. If you hunt with a dog...choose OKIE DOG!
MISSOURI: Loaded Beagles
0 3

We raise Hunting and trial dogs and great friends.
DELAWARE: Knox Beagles
0 3

to promote youth into rabbit hunting with beagles,
MAGAZINE: Better Beagling Magazine
1 3

We are a magazine and website that promotes the Beagle as a hunting hound. We cover AKC Large Pack, Gundog Brace and Small Pack Option Trials on hare and rabbit as well as Formal Pack Hunts. There are a lot of rabbit/hare hunting stories and free classifi

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