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Site Of the Moment:
WEST VIRGINIA: Ridge Runnin Kennel

We have a new website, and a couple new hounds. So come and check us out.

Rank Site In Out
MISSOURI: Track Em Down Kennels
0 9

KENTUCKY: Jady's Hunting Beagles
0 9

My name is Paul Richardson of Louisville, KY. My hounds consist of selective crosses that derive from 3 main lines; Dingus Macrae, Indian Hills and Yellow Creek.

* Pups ready to go in October *
NEW YORK: J & K Beagles
0 8

Thank you for looking at J and K beagles. We are located in southern New York State. We run AKC medium++ speed hounds that run to catch. New Videos added!! 5-2-12.
KENTUCKY: Mud Creek Beagles
0 8

WE CAN MAKE YOUR KENNEL SHIRTS FOR PRICES CHECK MY SITE OUT AND READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH TO FIND OUT HOW!!!we are a small Christian beagle company that is new to the world of beagling and are under construction of a kennel so we cant have as many dogs as
KENTUCKY: Prices Beaver Bottom Beagles
0 8

beagle site try to produce the best hunting beagles around
EUROPE: Xpressive dogs
0 8

Once upon a time there was… it all started about 10 years ago when I got my first breed dog "beagle" FCI Fortibus X-Pressive from Poland. He was marvelous dog and one of the first beagles in Latvia as well.

At first we took him for hunting on
KENTUCKY: Small Holler Kennel
0 8

My Beagle's bloodline goes all the way back to the beagle Hall of Fame. "If your looking for hunting beagles that jump & circle there own rabbit. Stay on the trail and aren't afraid to go in the brush, with the desire to hunt...THEN YOU'VE ARRIVED!
VIRGINIA: Rhino's Beagles
1 8

New website showing off my dogs and other hunting ventures. Site has recently been renovated with a new look. Recently updated. Check it out. Pictures from recent hare hunt are up.
WEST VIRGINIA: Sextons Beagles
0 8

Check out our photo gallery, we have a 3 Acre starting pen to train you beagles right. ADD 6 NEW VIDEO'S OF ME TRAINING PUP IN THE PEN.
BOOK: Breeding Better Beagles
0 8

Learn about genetics, selection, heredity, traits, out-crossing, line-breeding and just about anything else to do with breeding Hunting Beagles...
MAINE: Babbitt's Beagles
0 8

A little about Babbitt's Beagles. My wife and I have a small kennel in Southern Maine. We like to keep our Kennel limited to about six to ten Beagles. We Field Trial our hounds along with hunting them. Here in Maine we mostly hunt snowshoe hare.
FORUM: The SPO Board
0 8

The SPO Board....owned and operated by an SPO’er. Field trials and more...
GEORGIA: K and M Kennel
0 8

At K and M Kennel, we are beagle breeders who offer quality pure-bred puppies that the whole family will love. Whether you're looking for a tri-colored dog for Hunting or one for a loving family pet we have beagles ready for your adoption.
Shootmart, The Uks Best Shoot Finder
0 8

Buy & Sell Game Shooting Free of charge, Pheasant & Partridge Shooting, Grouse Shooting, Pigeon Shooting, Clay Shooting, Deer Stalking, Wild Fowling, Shooting Uk & Abroad, Guns for Sale, Shotguns for Sale, Gun Shops, Shooting Reviews and much more.
MICHIGAN: Woodbury Beagles
0 8

Home of FC Woodbury's Molly. I run Large Pack on Hare trials, and have been for only 2 years and so far its a fun ride, i breed for hunt, nose, speed, and brains. i have a kennel of all females for now, and stick to 13" hounds. i am located in Mt. Pleasa
MAGAZINE: Rabbit Hunter Magazine
0 8

Rabbit Hunter Magazine Subscription Information. The ARHA-NKC is the fastest growing registry and field trial association for Hunting Beagles in America. With 170 clubs nationwide, the ARHA-NKC sanctions field trials for Beagles.
Straigh Up The Middle
25 8

Rabbit Dog Forum...... We are about Beagles any kind any style. Come and participate in our monthly Hound Of The Month Competition
INDIANA: Hutman's Beagles
0 8

We breed hounds for rabbit hunters. Good conformation, voice, line control, intelligence and desire.
CONNECTICUT: Dreahook Kennels
0 8

Dreahook Kennels was established in the 1940's by George Pearce of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Today his son, George Henry, runs the kennel out of his home in Woodstock, Connecticut.

FORUM: North American Beagle
0 8

Home site for the North American Beagle Breeders Handbook, The Beagler message board, espomagazine message board, a live chat room, and other beagling related articles and news.
MASSACHUSETTS: Larimore's Beagles
0 8

We breed, raise, and train AKC & UKC registered beagles for hunting rabbits and field trialing.
MICHIGAN: Snowman's Beagles
0 8

Established in 1976, we breed for performance. Our dogs have powerful noses with the brains to use them right. They run cottontails with good speed and line control that can push a snowshoe hare for hours. I breed a well built dog that can run in sub-zero
CANADA: DesChamps' Black Creek Beagles
0 8

Black Creek Beagles are bred off of GBFC Squirrel Creek Cody, Can FC Happyrun Sailor, IFC Haunted Hill Shaker and IFC Maravic's Blue Ninja.My beagles have good control, excellent desire and medium to fast speed.
Lots of International/Canadian field champ
MISSOURI: Clayton's Beagles
0 8

Located in southern Missouri. Starting Conditioning and Whelping available. Breed for hard hunting strait up the center tight on the check Med speed beagles...mostly IN-LINE Black Jack Bloodlines
WISCONSIN: Jimmys Upnorth Hunting Beagles
0 8

All about the goal of getting the best all around hare hound in Northeast WI. With great action pics and videos.
VIRGINIA: Heat on the Meat Kennels
0 8

Heat on the Meat Kennels is a beagle and beagle/walker mix kennel located in Powhatan, Virginia.
NORTH CAROLINA: Triple-J-Beagles
0 8

East Bend, N.C., bloodlines are Greenwood's Blue Creek Bear & Black Bob. A med. to upper med. speed with hunt & grit. For the rabbit hunter & the field trial
VIRGINIA: Perfect Ten Kennels
0 8

Raising, Breeding & Hunting Deer Beagles!
Tri-Color Beagles
Blue-Ticked Beagles
and our very own RedClay Beagles.
Message Board & Classifieds
FORUM: VA Beaglers
0 8

A good place to just talk beagles! Not just for people in Virginia, so stop on by and have a chat!!! We have changed locations!!! We are now at a better format of a forum, so come in and resign up and Chat!!!
WEST VIRGINIA: Eisenhut Dog Supplies
0 8

Eisenhunt Dog Collars, Leads, Couplers, Name Tags, Shock Collars, Tracking Collars, Owens Dog Boxes and Dan's Hunting Clothes. AKC and NKC Hunting Beagles breeding is mostly Dingus MacRae.
TENNESSEE: Loudon Ridge Patch Beagles
0 8

Loudon Ridge Patch Beagles , 100% Pure patch hounds with run to catch desire , all day everyday,brains,hunt,foot and conformation
KENTUCKY: Bear Hollow Kennels
1 8

We raise "Yellow Creeks" as our primary bloodline.
You will find they are Yellow Creek top to bottom and up close.
Contact us, after 4PM M-F; anytime Sat & Sun. (606) 379-1322
GEORGIA: Sugar Bottom Kennels
0 8

I have an up and coming Kennel in the Middle Georgia Area ,I'll be working on my site check back soon !
NEW YORK: A'Z and J'Z Beagles
0 8

We sell 13 inch bluetick beagle puppies. We are a small family breeder not a puppy mill. Our dogs are of good quality they have champion bloodline. We are located in Lisle, New York. You can call us at (607) 743-1397 or visit us at azandjzbeagles.webs.com
KANSAS: Great Plains Beagles
0 8

My hounds are a product derived from Show hounds Skullfork& Blackcreek with Batman
& Bramlett influences.

littlefarm Beagles
0 7
A small Beagle Kennel in Kansas,we love to hunt and train beagles to run Rabbits.also to share all type of beagle information with the beagling world.we run Branko,and Red Bone,a few Blueticks.
our hounds are medium speed.
FORUM: American Rabbit Hound Association Forum
0 7

ARHA Forums: Little Pack, Progressive Pack, Big Pack & Gundog Division. ARHA registered dogs or dog related items for sale, listing Stud Dogs or need to find a Stud Dog & general discussion regarding the ARHA.
INDIANA: Roust Em Out Gundogs
0 7

Roust-Em-Out Gundogs "Where the Hunt Comes First!"
Honky Tonk Kennels
0 7
"Home Of Rabbit Runners Huntin' Dawgs"
KENTUCKY: True Blue Kennel
0 7

Promote beagle pups for sale
MISSOURI: Talk-To-Me Beagles
0 7

AKC Hunting Beagles in Kansas City, Missouri

Photos, Videos & detailed Pedigrees...
KENTUCKY: Scrogham's Blue Kennel
0 7

Welcome to Scrogham’s Blue Kennel, located in Central Kentucky. Jessie Scrogham has more than 20 years of working, running, and breeding AKC registered Beagles at his kennel.
VIRGINIA: Root'em Up Kennels
0 7

Root'em Up Kennels is a small deer beagle kennel located in Suffolk, Virginia stop in an check out the site it consist of a message board, blog, classifieds, photo albums and occasionally a beagle for sale. just posted results from VA hound study
ARKANSAS: Wildcat Beagles
0 7

BlackCreek Beagles....North Little Rock, Arkansas
Bred to hunt and use chop mouth....Home of the sire of the First Two Couple Pack Master Hound....Brushfire Jabbo 501-590-8994
CANADA: Rocky Mountain Beagles
0 7

Gundogs bred to run in winter conditions
TEXAS: Chain Yankin Kennels
0 7

Best Rabbit Dogs in the State of Texas
{POSSIBLY THE WORLD} Breeder, (puppies & runnng dogs) Hunter & Field Trialer
KENTUCKY: Tuff-E-Nuff Beagles
0 7

Welcome to Tuff-E-Nuff Beagles owned and operated by Will Messer. We are located in Marshall County, Kentucky and we strive to raise the best BlackCreek and Skullfork influenced hounds around.
GEORGIA: Silver Hill Kennels
3 7

We Raise Gun Dogs For Hunting and Field Trials. Using the Bloodlines of Del Ray Stubby. We are located in Summerville Ga. Jim & Misty Colbert
VIRGINIA: Signal Knob Beagles
0 7

ack/spo 13" hunting and trial quality beagles in northwest virginia
ARKANSAS: Watkins Beagles
0 7

Watkins Ranch has been raising quality "rabbit hunting" dogs for over 7 years. We breed only to improve the beagle breed. We concentrate on the
Blackcreek and Boggy Holler bloodlines.
MISSOURI: Brewer's Beagles
0 7

Gundogs Plus!
0 6
Hunting Beagles
WEST VIRGINIA: Heat Em Up Kennels
0 6

We raise dogs from the Legendary Little Mighty Ozzy x White River Kita cross, Hard Hitting Trial dogs That also bring the rabbit back to the gun.
LOUISIANA: Sharp's Primetime Kennels
0 6

Small kennel located in central Louisiana dedicated to running and breeding fast run to catch type hounds that can hold the line and circle the rabbit to the gun, breeding and running hounds from lines such as branko, awful bawlin, larsen,paycheck,satsuma
NORTH CAROLINA: Double Barrel Beagles
0 6

Hunt and raise Gundogs in Eastern NC!!
CLUB: United Beagle Gundog Federation
0 6

We welcome you to our web page. We are the UBGF. We hope our web site will provide you with the information you are looking for and that you will come back often.
WEST VIRGINIA: Murphy's Music Bottom Beagles
0 6

Beagles bred for little pack field trial - Triple Registered Beagle Pups
NORTH CAROLINA: T&T's lineshot Kennels
0 6

Welcome to Lineshot Kennels. We hunt akc/ukc and grade dogs. Located in the foothills of NC. We Have Branko/Gay/Oakhill Bloodines. So Check Us Out We Have Pup's For Sale Now.
NEW YORK: Pine Crest Beagles
0 6

We offer top AKC-CKC Beagles! We are located in UP State New York We Hunt and trial our hounds.
VIRGINIA: Bruington Beagles
0 6

Rabbit hunting and field trial beagles.
OKLAHOMA: Reeve's Beagles
0 6

arha gundog brace style hounds located in oklahoma
MISSOURI: Loaded Beagles
0 6

We raise Hunting and trial dogs and great friends.
CLUB: Michigan Progressive Pack Clubs
0 6

This site represents all 5 Progressive Pack Clubs in Michigan. Our Hound of the Year race, trial schedule, and important news.
NORTH CAROLINA: Brush Bustin' Beagles
0 6

ARKANSAS: Camp's Beagles
0 6

We breed, raise and hunt Beagles. We have some that run rabbit and some that run deer. We live in Arkansas which is one of the few states left that you can still run deer with dogs. We offer a quality service at an affordable price.
MISSOURI: Glaser Hollow Beagles
0 6

Missouri born, champion bred, run to catch gun dogs and trial hounds, akc registered.
INDIANA: Heasley's Keystone Kennels
0 6

My kennel site and a message board.
0 6

VIRGINIA: Hog Back Kennels
0 6

Hog Back Kennels is a great place to see my fine pictures and videos of my fine hounds. I sometimes have dogs, pups, and hounds for sale. Home of (CH)HOG BACK HARD HUNTIN' MANDY. This site is a Great place to comunicate with other houndsmen.
ALABAMA: Pitts Beagles
0 5

Welcome to PittsBeagles!!We have updated pictures,our site contains trained dogs for sale,Training your pup,Photos,Contact us,Videos,Membership,Pups for sale,and how to keep your dog fit.You can also,Check your local whether,Sports,Daily bible verses,and
Johnny Bodkins Beagles
0 5
Family owned kennel raising and training lemon and white gun dogs
KENTUCKY: Crewse-N-Beagles
0 5

From Field to Show From Show to Field the way it Should be
VERMONT: Snowshoe Hare Guide Service
12 5

Guided hunts for Snowshoe Hare in Northern VT- beagles, rabbit hounds.
TENNESSEE: L&J Beagle Kennel
4 5

UPDATE Hossbreeze bloodline and all beagles are AKC Thank YOU. Females available now. July 2014
0 5

We run Progresive pack beagles.Are blood lines are a combo of Davis bo III Tadpole Jim Dandy White Rock Charger Mississippi Homer And Inline Blackjack.We are in Oklahoma
GEORGIA: Cohutta Beagle Club
0 5

Cohutta Beagle Club is a family oriented club that host AKC SPO trials in northwest Georgia. Please check out our site and feel free to contact us with any questions.
TEXAS: Hardin County Beagle Club
0 5

Beagle Field Trial Club
KANSAS: Burn 'Em Up Kennel
0 5

AKC Hunting Beagles, Located in Eastern Kansas.
GEORGIA: Double C's Kennel
0 5

Blueticked Blackheaded Beagles, Colt Coursey owner
VIRGINIA: Hall Mountain Rabbit Beagles
0 5

Striving for the total package, bluetick style! We are trying to develop a bluetick beagle with a medium nose, very fast foot speed, good line control and good conformation. All of our dogs are AKC/UKC registered and are competed in UKC hunt/show events.
INDIANA: Indian Meadow Beagles
0 5

Located in Lake Village,Indiana We have Indian Hills, Gay, and Branko bloodlines in our kennel. We sell Sportmix & Joy dog food"s as well as pups,started,and broke dogs
CANADA: Beagles Canada
0 5

Canadian trials LP on Hare Site / Message Board
CLUB: National Hunting Beagle Association
0 5

INDIANA: Rus-neck Beagles
0 5

Striving for hard driving hunting dogs with good nose. A true, fast, clean ARHA little pack hound.
INDIANA: Wild's Beagles
0 5

At Wild's Beagles you will find 100% Pure gun dogs from FC & HOF bloodlines that hunt Nice & Smooth, & they are All Grit with No Quit! My hounds are focused on the bloodlines of FC Del Ray Stubby & High Hill but also include FC Post Oak Little Nip Otis, &
FORUM: Rabbit Dawg Board
0 5

Hunting Beagle Forum
NEW ENGLAND: Shoot-A-Hare Guide Service
0 5

We run and promote beagles and swiss hounds. Whether you have 2 1/2 feet of snow in January or are listening to the leaves crunch in October, Snowshoe Hare hunting is a great way to spend a weekend in the outdoors.
Glen Creek Beagles
0 5
Glen Creek Beagles
KENTUCKY: Carder's Creation Kennels
0 5

Carders Creation Kennels is a small kennel in Greenville KY. We produce hard hitting, run for the front Rabbit hounds. Are beagles are Ukc and Akc registered. Pups available, 2 outstanding stud hounds available.
VIRGINIA: Millerlake Kennels
0 4

Located in Amelia,Virginia. I love beagles and hunting rabbits with beagles. My goal is to raise and train quality gundogs.
CLUB: Acadiana Beagle Club
0 4

Acadiana Beagle Club is a premier Beagle Club with one of the best running grounds in the country. We presenty lease two 120 acre easy access tracts located just south of exit 72 on interstate 10. The area is loaded with rabbit and motels are located near
KENTUCKY: Cummins' Kennels
0 4

Cummins' Kennels is the home of hustling, agressive, well-bred hounds both tri-color and bluetick.
WEST VIRGINIA: Cannonball Kennels
0 4

Cannonball Kennels promotes hard hitting AKC / UKC registered "gun dogs". Come on in and check out the site. It is loaded with pictures, pedigrees & beagle info. White River Rambing Striker Stud ad.
The American Beagler Magazine, Inc.
0 4
If rabbit hunting or beagle field trialing is your hobby, The American Beagler Magazine is the Beagle magazine for you. If you enjoy reading rabbit hunting stories, and/or like to keep up on AKC and UKC field trialing news, subscribe to The American Beag
D&G Kennels
0 4
We have 3 girls left. They should weigh around 20 to 25 lbs. when older & be in the 12 to 13 in. category. They were born on 4-6-2014 & are 11 week\'s old now.. Both mom & dad have FC(field championship)in their bloodline. Dad\'s mom originally came
CLUB: The Ontario Association of Beagle Clubs
0 4

The Ontario Association of Beagle Clubs (OABC) is made up of individual beagle clubs from Southwestern Ontario that enjoy the sport of beagling and use their Beagles for tracking cottontail rabbits.
CLUB: Foxbeagle.Net
0 4

Promoting the fastest growing hound sport in America, Beagle on Fox.
KENTUCKY: Piney Creek Beagles
0 4

We breed and raise AKC dogs for hunting and trialing. Our bloodline is mostly FC Cocoa Bear back to Piney Creek Bear
WEST VIRGINIA: Sheets' Kennel
0 4

Sheets' Kennel is owned and ran by Brad & Meg Sheets. We own AKC/UKC Beagles and mainly trial hunt in UKC. We're located in Hurricane, WV.
CLUB: Paskamansett Beagle Club
0 4

Club Website

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